Redefining Customer Experience Management


The Brief.

As a result of the need for a human-centric approach in their customer experience management, GEDS was asked to redefine customer experience for an international technology company. In order to discover the human-centric components of customer experience management, a five day study was held with participants from the company. The study was intended to identify a framework for the CEM vision of our client.

The Approach.

The approach includes understanding users’ stories of digital life, and then redefining new customer experience parameters according to how they interact with digital devices in various situations. It is discovered that experience can be expressed in many different forms and channels which were not previously investigated, such as the vast majority of non-digital activities of customers. These activities are very critical as they often occur in touch-points that dramatically shape the experience.

About This Project.

In the end of the study, customer experience management is defined as a “service to boost customer experience.” Such findings lead to a change in customer experience parameters to be more aligned to user behaviors and what they mean in terms of the experience. Such insights help participants form a foundation for sketching organizational schemes for the company to be more responsive to customer experience.

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