Design Thinking Workshops


The Brief.

Workshops are powerful tools for demonstrating the capabilities of design thinking to clients by helping them experience it first hand. With this in mind, GEDS has been holding design thinking workshops with major companies and nonprofits in Turkey as well as in Europe.


The Approach.

Capitalizing GEDS’ own design thinking methodology DRIVE, these workshops walk the participants through the design thinking process including problem definition, reframing, ideation, prototyping, and delivery. Here, the participants first dig deep to understand problems from an end user perspective. Then, they explore these perspectives by reframing their insights, generate as many ideas as possible in a short time, prototype their ideas, and finally, present their final ideas in the form of staging.

These workshops are supplemented with a series of supporting activities that help the participants warm up and switch to a mindset free of restrictions. These activities are  placed strategically to enhance the performance in each phase of the workshops.


About This Project.

These workshops help the participants experience the benefits of:

> Putting oneself in the users’ shoes while solving problems

> Thinking outside the box by rethinking and reframing problems and encouraging ideas without constraints

> Taking a holistic approach to understand problems from different points of view


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