A Design-Led Nonprofit


The Brief.

GEDS collaborated with a nonprofit specialized in education. At the beginning of the project, our client asked us to order their priorities in a way that will enhance our client’s overall impact.

The Approach.

The project was made up of the phases of research, synthesis, and strategy.

In addition to observations in various educational domains, we also interviewed students, teachers, school administrators, and experts on education. This phase of research was targeted at getting a first-hand information about the problem domain. Next, we conducted a series of workshops with our client in order to get a sense of their processes more clearly. These workshops helped us discover their workloads, opportunities for improvement in their workflows, relationships with their beneficiaries, and their position in the current educational landscape.

In the synthesis phase, the insights from interviews and workshops were translated into a set of value propositions our client offers to its various stakeholders. In order to identify how they can best deliver these value propositions, we analyzed their strategies based on current educational, technological, and social trends. Such an analysis gave us a clear and more specific picture about how our client can make their processes more efficient and impactful. As a result, we outlined a strategic plan to reposition the organization based on the current ecosystem dynamics in order to scale their impact up. We also designed a set of scorecards to help them to align their activities to the identified strategy seamlessly.

About This Project.

The project was aimed at transforming our client into a human-centric organization with tools for scalable impact. In order to do that, we used a set of design tools originally developed for for-profit businesses. As these tools were aimed at maximizing human-centric impact, this conversion of businesses tools to non-profit domain provided a brand new lens for our client to simplify their processes while building up their impact.


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